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Its Always the Husband Gary Rose

Its Always the Husband

Gary Rose

Published January 30th 2013
Kindle Edition
339 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After twenty-five years of abusing her husband, razor-tongued Natalie Evans disappears leaving a trail of blood in their suburban Minneapolis home. Her husband Ryan is taken into custody, charged and tried for her murder.The Prosecution can neither prove nor demonstrate sufficient evidence that Ryan committed the crime. Protestations of Ryan’s innocence notwithstanding, when the ignorant jury, pressured to return a verdict before a holiday weekend, presumes his guilt, they vote to convict. Ryan is sentenced to a level-five maximum-security prison.Ryan’s son, Alex and colleague Grant Crossland become his only contact with the outside world. These are the only two people who care enough to set aside his condemnation and try to understand him.Buoyed by Alex and Grant, Ryan adapts and survives years in the brutal prison environment while plotting to escape and seek revenge on those who abandoned him in his hour of need.With his wits as his only tool, he works tirelessly to see the light of day once again, no matter how he gets there.